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anyway. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser i saw jamie dimon c.e.o. of j.p. morgan walking hand in hand through the city of london with life masters the inventor of the credit defraud swap the two are saying we're off to see the price fixers the wonderful fixtures of our as they rig their rates of interest while oil but also run gold bars oh they rig their rig they rig a rig they rig they make the rig they rig they rig their rig the road. station. they rig only for themselves not for you and i. know what they rig for for it is them that they rig for them that's the hemingway i believe so yes well the curtains
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have been pulled back everybody sees that there is no such thing as a free market that only jim is very small test. they might see that too he did talk about opening the komodo and when he did that of course not only did we see what you just referred to but we did see that we have no free markets but all the prices everywhere are rigged and that's the headline here everything is rigged the biggest price fixing scandal ever the illuminati were amateurs the second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy there's no price the big banks won't fix london based firm i cap the world's largest broker of interest rate swaps is being investigated by american authorities regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers that i kept may have worked with up to fifteen of the world's largest banks to manipulate is to fix a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the price of interest rate
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swaps max this is a three hundred seventy nine trillion dollar market and it's like a double rig here because we've had the library scandal which these very same banks rigged libel rates global interest rates and this is rigging the swaps on top of the interest rates well it's a heinous crime and we've been reporting about it for a while you know i kept some as a company internet broker dealer banker deal or enter broker market drugs wielding money spinning fraudster we've been talking about they do an annual charity event really get celebrities to come in and rub their rub themselves against the bankers and everyone gets really excited and but there is sleazy no good group of scoundrels here in london and we've reported on it for years and i tell the police i say to the police. there are work that's where the crooks are that's where the terrorists are but they don't they don't act so this is a three hundred seventy nine trillion dollar market and who buys these interest
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rate swaps their municipalities corporations and sovereign governments and what they're trying to do is manage the risk that interest rates might go up or down whatever that they don't want so they sell basically the interest rate to the banks like j.p. morgan and they're supposed to take the risk but now they're actually we find out not only were they manipulating interest rates but they're also manipulating these interest rate swaps the banks implicated include barclays u.b.s. bank of america j.p. morgan chase and the royal bank of scotland but we've also talked about this sort of nexus of london as the center of all these frauds and of course this is i cup which is a london based firm but this was the desk in new jersey which was involved in this crime there are twenty guys on the desk there controlling interest rate swap prices and they are known as treasure island because they were coining so much money according to the reports the commission is also looking at whether or not employees that i caught may have intentionally delayed publication of swap prices which in
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theory could give someone bankers cough cough a chance to trade ahead of the information so again max we have another case of front running we see this in high frequency trading we see this in the treasury market time after time there front running all of these big market moving numbers going to bust and i can. you know that's the thing i don't know what they say is treasure island is out there new jersey and they're committing fraud but of course the c.e.o. knows about it i forget his name schwartzman or something like that he's a look it up on google he's just a scoundrel in the crook and you know i'm trying to come on the show and defend himself but of course if that he would risk you know. you know meeting up with the wrath of the people i don't think he is i don't think he goes outside anymore he just stays in this little model you know guarded like don't let me know that if they're out there the people who stole money from the boom didn't you know it's all hidden away and things like that and you know matt taibbi in this piece refers to the illuminati and still people around the world anybody who should be there to
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help stop this fraud ongoing fraud ongoing rigging all these benchmark prices around the world he says all of them whether it's libel or whether it's credit default swap prices whether it's gold silver jet fuel prices and energy prices coal all of these are set by not by the free market but by a few guys in a room the price is fixed by them they tell everybody what it is so of course all these stories collectively pointed to the same thing these banks which already possess enormous power just by virtue of their financial holdings in the united states the top six banks many of them the same names you see on the librarian is the fix paddles own assets equivalent to sixty percent of the nation's g.d.p. are beginning to realize the awesome possibilities for increased profit and political might that would come with colluding instead of competing you know this is a real live now happening we can point to conspiracy a global one the interest rate swap market max is three hundred seventy nine trillion dollars the global interest rate market the library fixed market is five
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hundred trillion so these are massive massive markets that are happening now you don't need to look to five hundred years ago and whether or not the illuminati told things back then well this is what i don't understand about people who are obsessed with the build of birds to build a bridge mating or them just about the aluminum. matt taibbi said that the current scam is being perpetrated by. barclays and these other banks are happening in real time and they're reported every day in the paper you don't need to go beyond that you don't need to see who's anywhere connected to this criminality other than the actual criminals themselves and i don't know i don't care about the build a bridge group because. we don't need to have a conspiracy theory about people that might or might not be committing crimes when we have actual criminal behavior being committed in real time openly tauntingly it's just i think the people who are upset to build a bridge i think it's an excuse for them not taking action in such an action
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against a guy runs i kept there saying oh we have to go after the builder burke because they're too timid to go after the actual criminal they're too lazy to go after the actual criminal and you know highlight some of the utter contempt they have for the population where libel or was rigged for example on behalf of for one broker who asked for it to be rigged by the submitter the submitter who was going to submit the libel rate for that day and he did it in exchange for some day old sushi this was what the e-mails back and forth showed so matej he says screwing around with world interest rates that affect billions of people in exchange for day old sushi that's the reality it's not some like kings and monarchs in some secret castles out out there you know this is together just these two markets libel or and interest rate swap markets that's eight hundred trillion dollars right there that's ten times bigger than the global economy you know that as i mentioned our celebrity get
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togethers and like a lot of power will be in and i celebrity do now the subtlety of their criminality is about as subtle as the dress she was wearing recently a celebrity event where basically her entire a but was hanging out of this dress you can almost you know read you. no the pubic hairs and get an idea of what she was thinking that's so transparent this dress was that's all subtle i've caps criminality is it's so out in the open so obvious that i think people are just gobsmacked by it or they blame the build of bridges are too lazy to do it has to be done to this i kept guy well matt taibbi does point to the fact that moreover it's increasingly clear that both the criminal justice system and the civil courts may be impotent to stop them even when they do get caught working together to game the system and we saw this of course recently when there was a civil case in manhattan against the libel riggers and what the judge said is that
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you can't bring an antitrust action against them because in fact they're not competing so they are colluding so therefore it's not us that's right now there should be a record tearing laws and imposed now i think we're going to end up going down the path of the million robespierre who brought in this thing called the reign of terror yet a scorched earth policy against baxter's of his day he said forget it we're forget the trial head in the getting chop chop let's move on he killed like fifty thousand people were executed by robespierre's gang in the reign of terror that would be a good start that's where we start i want to see the river red with baxter. well mack concludes that if true that the criminal justice system will not touch these bags toure's that would leave us living in an era of undisguised real world conspiracy with the prices of currencies commodities like gold and silver even interest rates and the value of money itself can be and may already have been
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dictated from above now of course the mainstream financial media they mock and ridicule and laugh at the people who talk about building berg and the illuminati but what do they do when a real world conspiracy is right there in front of their face reporting on it they act the opposite just as ridiculous because they refuse to believe that any conspiracy could possibly happen that banks are wealthy because of their wealth generation and that they're better than the rest of us as robespierre said and i quote terror is virtue virtue is terror keep that in mind as we cleanse the system of the baxters well you know another is speaking along this line of what matt taibbi is saying here is that all prices are rigged every single thing is fixed every single benchmark rate which they interact with is rigged so then we know that global the all monetary policy is based on helping these guys out there
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are the ones that own the central banks and there are the so everything around us is a fabrication of their imagination and jeffrey sachs who is a for insider was i i m f economist wrecking economies around the world he's. gone well he's seen he's he's he's pulled back the curtain and now he's ranting everywhere and recently he's just said i meet a lot of these people on wall street on a regular basis right now i'm going to put it very bluntly i regard the moral environment as pathological and i'm talking about the human interactions i've not seen anything like this not felt it so palpably and he says outright these guys are crooks and we are and i have to warn you he said. they're going to get away with that well we met jeffrey sachs couple years ago and i tipped him to this incredible scheme that's going on on stage at the coal comics festival and i think that turned up because before that he was trying to make sense of it and put in the context of
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policy initiatives and failed policies and now he understands these bankers have gone rogue and until this river runs red we're not going to be rid of the plague of banks they're destroying the economies and our lives going forward stacy ever thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. stay tuned for the second half a whole lot more. welcome to teal one here you can feel it. there are three choices in life first used to work in a cooler door to live on a miserable way like a slave. the second is to jump the wall and catch the american dream. and.
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this is a come on member of an organization and get inside the growing trade. you buy something will never forget. you did it but i paid for what i've done it would never stop.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time to go to australia and speak with das madonna of economist author of extreme money das welcome back guys a report it's nice to be with you max right does tell us about japan they're taking monetary policy where no central bank has before gone tell us what's happening and
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what could be the consequences. well essentially japan has adopted the coming because having done nothing for a long period of time and the economy's in the doldrums they've now got a three pronged plan plan number one spend more money than you have so this could be a massive fiscal stimulus secondly central bank intervention interest rates a b. and zero for about fifteen sixteen is so the central bank is buying assets it's going to essentially double the money supply and double the size of the central bank balance sheet within a couple of years and finally they're going to do some structural reforms but max it ain't going to work what do you think is going to well let me cut in here for a second because this idea that the panel's pursuing that they are engaged in more quantitative easing and of course they were the first major economy to go into this quantitative easing phase or up to quantitative easing around number four and it's used by other countries like the u.k. and the united states as an example of why i quantitative easing works so there
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isn't japan is a case study of why it works because japan still maintains a vibrant export market the economy is still functioning its model is the poster child for the g twenty so what it what do you see that everyone else seems i've got wrong and in a global economy we're so far we haven't seen the inflation we haven't seen the problems that everyone predicted would come with quantitative easing you're going to see inflation but that's a separate issue but let's look at japan ok the reason their export industries worked is in the first few rounds of cornish a.t.v. easing and so forth the rest the world economy was ticking along which it's not the first thing is ok let's say we flood the system with money and devalue the yen the first thing is is it going to help the answer is probably not the reason japanese exports have relocated a lot of their plans. so they get the benefit of a weak yen the next problem is the companies in japan which export to companies which are such. a sony and shop very very close to bankruptcy because they have
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beat out competed in costs and innovation by the korea. and other people say what it's going to do is the weak again is going to push up their energy bills and that's not really good for japan because it's a heavy energy importer and we've seen old electricity prices go up and that's going to tip the trade balance which is already negative further into the black as i begin to read and then what's going to happen is the current accounts going to turn around and now we have the consumer the first is savings in japan today a lower than they were in the united states and the problem with that is as the government issues more and more bones that is the central bank there's no other buys left so basically they screwed on that front but the other side is the current account which is helped fund their deficit is now going to turn around gradually over time so it's all good news to go back to your question if this is the poster child the future does not go well for the way but i asked we haven't seen the
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inflation yet and you are saying well you know it's not about inflation or i wouldn't say inflation but you just described a situation of a yen getting cheaper being devalued which would cause the price of oil to go higher which would have a problem for the economy is not inflation number one number two again it's the poster child for these g. eight g. twenty nations who are able to manage the prices of things like bond they can manage the price of things like oil they can manage the price of things like gold and silver because these things are traded on the futures exchanges which are completely in the province of the cartel of of wall street banks on the banks of the city it's not a free market anymore so they were not going to see any price signals that's my question das as a price signals been obliterated by the terrorists das well let's leave prosecutes just for one second come back to question inflation i got to separate out two things inflation in general and the inflation problem specifically in japan because of the imported energy commodity inflation is going to be
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a feature with quantitative easing around the. but in terms of the type of inflation you need to bring down the debt burden you not going to get it because you need a whole bunch of conditions for inflation number one you need excessive money supply my god have we got that the second thing you need philosophy of money circulation of money fractional banking is broken so that's not going to work you need demand excesses over supply that doesn't exist anywhere in the world and finally because we've been in thirty years where the central banks have told us they have inflation under control inflation expectations are low as you know going to get that but anybody who actually is an importer of commodities like japan is going to get whacked and that's going to have a terrible effect down the track because if they create the two percent inflation they're looking for what's going to happen is they've done deals are going to go up twenty four percent of the government's expenditure is on interest so if you push operates from where they are today to three percent roughly about three quarters to three quarters of the tax revenues and their spending will be on interest which is unsustainable that coming back to your question on price signals anybody who thinks
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markets have basically i think is under a bit of an illusion because many of these prices have quite correctly as you say been controlled by a small number of banks this is not only in financial markets we know from trade practices and competition type of cases around the world price fixing is something which occurs in all industries and given the incentives in finance to manipulate certain prices it's hardly surprising that's a could but that should be prosecuted under existing laws because crimes market manipulation offenses that should be the question to my mind is will they be prosecuted. that japan is about. a horrific consequence of their mismanagement other economy how do we know if that's going to happen how do we know that's true if we can't rely on the price in other words if the price is broken as you've just described it in we have no way of knowing therefore that the economy is broken because there's no way to judge that the economy is broken we
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just. a corrupt cartel in place that is making money available cheaply to speculators who then in turn use that money to destroy the price signal by just keeping the price of these futures markets completely under their thumb so how do we know it's broken if we don't get a good price like gold dust. well i think fundamentally the real issue is going to be what happens to the real economy how many people are unemployed how many people have income how many people feed themselves how many people can buy health care how many people can buy each case i think you getting to obsess about the finale oh you want to cut out a second because you say ok the real what really matters is up people are dealing with the economy if they can't eat at doesn't matter if the government says that there is no inflation because they can eat big so therefore their only recourse is what one of the people of japan going to do or what the people in europe going to do united states are being disenfranchised well that's being transferred to epic scale from the commonwealth to the elite terrorists who run the banking system it's
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their recourse stoss what are they doing down there australia are they buying gold are they converting with koala bears what's happening in australia i did about converting with koala bear is i've never really seen how that's done but you know but leave that to one side i think we're going to see is the type of backlash we've seen in italy with the five star movement and the dissident movements around the world now whether that's going to work or not i don't know but fundamentally it's going to be a social and political issue and don't forget in the nineteenth twenty's and nine hundred thirty s. fascism came to power on the back of the middle classes who had they savings and they life wealth wiped out by inflation in the weimer republic so i think that's where it'll be resolved i think the financial markets is going to be a bit of a sideshow to that all right i want to come back to something you said earlier just for the viewers out there who follow these things in terms of the terminology that is used we're talking about inflation and you're talking about the price of oil
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going higher but. you are describing correct me if i'm wrong a scenario of cost push inflation can you just for the sake of our listening audience or viewing audience kind of review how this differs from other forms of inflation. well i think this demanded place in which is what the world really needs if you actually look at what the central banks are trying to do they're trying to create growth and demand pull inflation because that would basically create the growth which allows the debt to be gradually run down the concept that what we're seeing is quantitative easing particularly by the reserve with the devaluation of the dollar because most commodities are traded in dollars pushes up the price of those commodities which is affecting for instance japan which is also scored an own goal by devaluing the yen but the fundamental thing that it does do is push up the cost of commodities and that's a huge issue to go back to. enfranchise an issue is in emerging markets where things like food and energy are
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a huge pot off the actual spending of individuals so in places like indonesia and bangladesh we're going to see a massive problem for the poorer people in the world and i think that's the bigger issue is the difference between the type of inflation they want and the type of inflation they go if the goal is to create cost pull inflation that would also imply that wages would be pulled higher but again the cartel who prefers to pay people at absolute slave rate rock bottom chinese slave market minimum they don't want people having their wages inflated or pull higher do they because that would that would destroy their monopoly profits so isn't it true dos and i wrote i read your book extreme money where you delve into the machinations of the global financial system isn't it true das that we have a situation where these bankers have created a new global economic paradigm where as soon prices go up to make them wealthy but
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wages never go up and so nobody outside of that very small group ever participates in this inflationary bubble dos i think there's certainly an element of truth in that but i think let's look at it in two ways one is to be fair many countries now recognise particularly. the administration the u.s. is trying to push up the minimum wage we can have a debate about whether that's going to be sufficient i don't think it's going to be sufficient but i think fundamentally one of the key issues going forward is to be able to address the question off the wages as a percentage of g.d.p. basis things like corporate profits and that's an issue that's bubbling along but i suspect there is no will among policymakers to deal with that issue but in japan it creates an interesting problem on the one hand they want to get more competitive on the other hand they want to push up wages which makes them less competitive in a global sense so there's an inherent contradiction in the japanese position finally does i want to ask you something late breaking story or the c f.t.c. or investigating the rigging of interest rates swap markets tell us about
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a particular market this particular market the significance of fixing prices and allowing for front running so this is on top of the library scandal what some thought was the biggest market manipulation history now we have something even bigger tell tell us about it. this is a very famous thing the what used to be the tele rate ninety nine to one screen where all the dealers put in their prices it will have a name it was used to set up rates the settlement etc and basically it's exactly the same problem as libel you got a bunch of people putting in quotes with huge incentive structures to manipulate that number for profit and so hardly surprisingly what happened in libel happened here and i think this is quite an interesting story in many ways it's a biggest story then probably the libel scandal is because this is a much smaller group of people and it was never really police to the same way theoretically that libel was so it's a bigger story but the fantastic thing about both of these stories is it's very difficult for get legislative and prosecutor traction because nobody really can figure out who's lost and who's won but i think watch this space i think you're
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going to see a couple of big banks because the actual swap market is dominated by six rate banks less much less than the number you see in libel so i think you're going to see something there but the key thing here is until we change incentive structures in finance now this is going to chain. if you've got a young blokes basically have huge incentives in abundance since to manipulate numbers way they think they can get away with it and the fundamental thing is these rules are very very vague they're not policed in any way and that's going to be a huge problem but i think it'll be interesting to see how this plays out because a c f t c will undoubtedly be joined by other regulators around the world yeah well once again the price signal completely destroyed all right us a lot of time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report good to be with you max that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max keiser and stacy arutt our thank my guests dots. author of extreme money if you like to send us an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t t v are you until next time i've
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got a. potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more patrie down the line there's still a lot of snow out here
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a good place for snowball fight. piece and it is kind of a pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of it might still be slow to be drug listens to the emergency vehicles are exceptions.
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lorenzo marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. earlier today president obama said that he wants to close down guantanamo bay to do this back in two thousand and eight but the president remains open because republicans blocked him in congress will he be able to overcome republican fear and shutter one of the most shameful symbols of america's son to the dark side during the so-called war on terror i'll ask our panelists and the night's big picture politics panel in just a moment also all we've known for years the fossil fuels are killing our planet our leaders in washington have sat back and watched the world for aren't.


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